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BALLSTON BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT     |    Virginia Beach, Va.     |    Wayfinding

In early 2019 Pinnacle 33 was awarded the multi-faceted hardscape and signage program by The Community of Ballston which included Gateway Identification, light pole mounted circular Icon ID’s, strategically located pedestrian directories and sculptural, median-located decorative fencing that reflected the newly designed Ballston identity and further enhanced the neighborhood’s Brand at street level.

Ballston is an upscale vibrant neighborhood located in Arlington VA. PROJECT DESIGNER — LandDesign - Alexandria VA

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BALLSTON BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT     |    Virginia Beach, Va.     |    Decorative Fencing

As an extension of the overall contract award for the Ballston Placemaking and Wayfinding Project, Pinnacle33 was also awarded approximately 850 linear feet of decorative metal sculptural fencing in late 2018.The overall goal for the decorative barriers was to provide additional reinforcement of the new Ballston Brand and to further enhance the streetscape areas with sculptural elements that would carry characteristics of the new Ballston Identity.

The decorative steel fencing was fabricated in our shop using .375” sheet steel. After utilizing a waterjet to create the decorative branding elements, we applied a custom silver powder-coated finish to protect the steel from deteriorating over time and to resist the harsh Northeast Corridor Winter environment.

Ballston is an upscale vibrant neighborhood located in Arlington VA. PROJECT DESIGNER — LandDesign - Alexandria VA

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EMORY HEALTHCARE - Decatur     |    Atlanta, Ga.     |    Campus Branding

In the late Spring of 2018 Emory Healthcare announced the acquisition of Dekalb Medical Center, including all of it’s systemwide facilities and locations throughout the Atlanta Metro area.

Pinnacle33 worked directly with Emory Healthcare to rebrand signage and graphics across the spectrum of all three major campuses and fifty-five outpatient practice facilities. In total, the re-brand consisted of 22 primary building signs, 13 primary monument signs, 55 parking facility monument signs and hundreds of interior, lobby, room and regulatory signs, as well as dozens of new signs for the 5-story Decatur Parking facility. Manufacturing specifications and materials for the new exterior signage encompassed a variety of high-end finishes including aluminum with routed acrylic faces, LED aluminum channel letters and custom stone bases to further compliment the upgraded appearance of the new campus-wide program.

**Emory Healthcare is a non-profit organization and is the most comprehensive academic Healthcare organization in the State of Georgia with seven hospitals and 200 provider locations in Metro ATLANTA and surrounding communities.

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